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The Intersection program contains these elements:

  • Personal stories and character development that grab the viewers and elicit empathy
  • A dramatic depiction of a common crash scenario, experienced from the different perspectives of everyone involved
  • Explanation of applicable traffic safety principles and risk-management strategies
  • Modern, high-quality production values
  • Applicability to a variety of audiences

To elaborate on the "variety of audiences," MSF created three parallel versions of the Intersection video on one DVD, each having its opening and closing speeches delivered by the appropriate lead character. The three versions focus on:

  • Pre-drivers, via high school driver education classes. This version is hosted by a 17-year old high school student who rides a scooter.
  • General drivers, via traffic schools and community outreach; hosted by a "multi-tasking" mom who shuttles her kids around in a sport/utility vehicle.
  • Commercial drivers, via employee training and certification; hosted by a truck driver who makes deliveries in his 18-wheeler.

All versions share another lead character who serves as the voice of reason: an E.R. doctor who commutes to work on his motorcycle.

Each of the three versions included on the DVD has a 13-minute running time. The DVD features an English and Spanish soundtrack, as well as English and Spanish subtitles, and the kit also includes a leader's guide, ten participant's guides, and 25 Quick Tips brochures.

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